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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Directorate of Secondary Education

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Name of eligible schools, name of incumbents including Additional posts ( Dropped posts) in accordance with the Assam Education (Provincialisation of Services of Teachers and Re-organisation of Eduational Institutions) Act, 2017 as amended in 2018 and the Assam Educaiton (Provincialisation of Services of Non-teaching staff of Venture Educatinal Institutions) Act, 2018.

provincialisation_of_hs_265_teaching_post.pdf1.26 MBswf-image
provincialisation_of_hs_265_non-teaching_post.pdf563.97 KBswf-image
provincialisation_of_hss_4_teaching_post.pdf22.97 KBswf-image
provincialisation_of_hss_4_non-teaching_post.pdf10.6 KBswf-image
provincialisation_of_sr.sec_152_non-teaching_post.pdf728.95 KBswf-image
dropped_post_385.pdf475.53 KBswf-image
provincialisation_of_sr.sec_152_teaching_post.pdf1.23 MBswf-image