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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Directorate of Secondary Education

What We Do

  • Ensure Qualatative education with Sustainability and Optimum Utilization of human Resources for development of Nation


    Reinforce the national and integrative character of education.

    Improve quality and standards of school education and literacy towards building

    a society committed to Cultural Value and Ethics.

    Provide compulsory Education to all youths of the age group of 14-18 years.

    Universalize opportunities for quality education.

    Establish a fully literate society


    -To make good quality education available, accessible and affordable to all young persons in the age group of 14-18 years so that 100% GER can be achieved by 2017 and 100% retention by 2020.

    -Establishing new schools in areas where it iis essentialand upgrading Primary within a proximity of 5 kms for secondary schoool and 7-10 kms for higher secondary section in different habitation.

    -To ensure access of secondary education, Universal enrollment and retention.

    -To provide access to secondary education with special references to economically weaker and the educationally backward section of the society, the girls and the disabled children and other marginalized categories like SC, ST, OBC and Educationally Backward Minorities (EBM).

    -To ensure that all secondary schools have infrastructural facilities, staffing pattern as per norms & pescribe standard

    -To improve quality of secondary education resulting in enhanced intellectual, social and cultural learning.