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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Directorate of Secondary Education

Appointment of Post graduate Teacher of Provincialized Secondary School.

  • Post Graduate teachers / subject teacher are appointed at different Provincialised Secondary Schools and Junior colleges / Sr. secondary Schools as direct recruitment system by the DSE, Assam.

    Transfer of employees of Provincialised Secondary Schools:

    The employees of Provincialised schools are transferred from one to another / one district to another district as per recommendation from SMC and Inspector of Schools and Govt. approval.

    Financial power:

    It is the invested power to the Heads of the institutions to draw and disburse the salary of the stuffs etc . for smooth function of financial matter of the institution .

    Earn leave and Child Care leave:

    Earn leave is provided to the employees of the Secondary Schools as per his/ her credit leave accounts as per rules in force and Child care leave (CCL) is allowed to the female employee of Govt. & prov. Schools as per Govt. norms.

    Vacancy for the Post-Graduate Teacher/Demonstrators/ Graduate Teacher/ LDA/ Grade-IV in provincialised Secondary schools:

    Vacancies in different cadre in Provincialised Schools are prepared in Prescribe SIU ( Finance Deptt.) format I & II for onwards submission to the Govt. for approval.

    All the matter related to Appointment of teachers, transfer of teachers etc are dealt with in G.B Branch of Directorate of Secondary Education, Assam.