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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Directorate of Secondary Education

Budget Calendar

  • All budget matters for Govt./Provincialised Secondary Schools are dealt with in Accounts (B) Branch of Directorate of Secondary Education, Assam. The Inspector of Schools / DDOs may follow the following budget calendar for preparation of budget estimate demand, additional requirement etc.

    Standard Budget Calendar

    4th Week of MarchDDO will submit requirement of fund (Budget allotment) for the current financial year to the I/S along with "L" form and Form B-I
    1st week of AprilI/S will submit the consolidated statement for requirement of fund of all the DDOs under his control in Form B-I along with the particulars to the DSE,Assam
    4th Week of AprilDSE will issue the budget allotment to DDOs through online system
    1st Week of AugustDDOs will submit additional budget requirement of fund ,if any, to the I/S along with L-Form & B(I) and upto date expenditure of Last Financial Year
    Last week of AugustI/S will submit the additional requirement of fund to DSE
    1st Week of SeptemberDSE will issue additional budget allotment to all DDOs through online system
    2nd Week of AugustI/S office will write to all DDOs to submit budget estimate demand for the next financial year.
    4th Week of AugustI/S office will submit the budget estimate for next financial year to DSE
    2nd Week of SeptemberDSE will submit the budget estimate demand for next financial year to the Govt.