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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Directorate of Secondary Education

Free Textbook Distribution

Free Text Book for Class IX & X:

Govt of Assam in Secondary Education Department, for the first time, decided to provide free text books to the students of Class IX &X for the academic year 2017-18. During 2017-18 it has been decided to implement the scheme on an extended scale, covering the students of Class-XI & XII also from the academic year 2018-19.

Objective: To increase enrollment in provincialized schools of the State and to reduce dropout rate.

Target Group: The target group of the scheme is all the students studying in class IX and X irrespective of income of parents. The Scheme will cover all the Govt/ Provincialized High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools, Provincialized High Madrassas and Senior Madrassas including Non-provincialized (recognized) Madrassas, all Tea Garden/ Local body schools, all Model Schools under RMSA, Assam and all Non-Provincialized schools who are getting Financial Incentive at any one point of time.

Assessment of Books: The assessment of books as per medium of instruction is done by the Director of Secondary Education, Assam in consultation with the Board of Secondary Education, Assam(SEBA) and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council(AHSEC)

Implementing Agency: The “Assam State Textbook Production and Publication Corporation Ltd” is the agency entrusted for printing and distribution of free Text Books.

Total 10800000 nos of free textbooks have been distributed amongst 766100 nos of students of Class-IX &X through the Inspectors of Schools in the Districts of Assam.