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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Directorate of Secondary Education

Waiving of Admission Fees

Waiving of Admission Fees for the students

Government of Assam in the Secondary Education Department decided that, no provincialized / Government Higher Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges of Assam will take fees including admission fees, tuition fees and any other fees from the students who will take admission in the HS 1st year provided that the income of their parents is below or Rs.1.00 lakh (Rupees one lakh) only per annum from all sources, subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. The Principals will take certificate regarding income of parents as follows :-

  • If the parents work either in State or Central Government then their monthly salary slip will have to be produced while taking admission in School/Junior Colleges.
  • If the parents are working in private organization then the salary slip from employer indicating that their salary is not above Rs.1.00 lakh (Rupees one lakh) only.
  • If they are not working either in Government or in any private institution or organization then the certificate from the Circle Officer or Mouzadar will be considered.
  • In addition to the above three conditions, if the principal and the admission committee in their wisdom feel that the income of a particular student or students is below Rs.1.00 lakh (Rupees one lakh) only, then also concerned Principal can give free admission to these students.

2.After the admission procedure is over, the concerned School/ Junior College will give a detailed accounts of the revenue loss to the Director Secondary Education for reimbursement

3. After receipt of the accounts from the School/Junior College, the Director of Secondary Education will compile School/ Junior college-wise compensation and furnish the proposal to the Government for reimbursement.

A total 203435 nos of students are covered under the scheme during 2016-17.